The power of sustainable cooperation

At Nemlia, we not only want to make everyday care more pleasant and humane, but also to bring about long-term change in the care and healthcare sector. In addition to informative communication, this requires, above all, a broad network to actively make a difference. This approach might originate from Nemlia’s philosophy and its founding origins on the Faroe Islands that people stand up for each other and take responsibility as a collective. And it’s great to see that many institutions and companies are adopting this principle in order to make a difference in the care sector together.

From philosophy to a network with shared added value

We have been closely associated with the German-Danish Care Alliance (DDPA) for several years now. This special cooperation alliance arose from the German government’s decision to implement a modern, cross-sectoral health and care policy in collaboration with the trade department of the Danish embassy in Berlin. It actively promotes dialog between German and Danish stakeholders through visits to various facilities and institutions. The focus is not only on economic relations and the role of Danish technology companies in care, but also on the well-being of carers and those in need of care.

About Aveneo and the network at Vincentz innohub

For years, Nemlia has been taking part in Germany’s largest trade fair in the care and healthcare sector, ALTENPFLEGE in Essen. There we are part of Aveneo – the special show for innovation – which has been the central point of contact for international investors, operators and players in in-patient and out-patient care for the elderly for many years. In this context, we became a member of Vincentz innohub, the new central industry network for innovation, promotion and development in the care and healthcare sector. It is a cross-industry meeting place with a focus on networking and an initiative of the Vincentz Network.

New on board with the Danish Industry and the Forum Gesundheitsstandort BW

Dansk Industri (DI) is a major private business and employer organization in Denmark, representing around 20,000 companies. It offers a tremendous support in being part of relevant networks and in facilitating exchange with like-minded or neighboring movements. The DI is also involved in political advocacy to continuously improve the framework conditions for companies and strengthen their international competitiveness. This is a great opportunity for us at Nemlia to advance our vision of an improved health and care sector.

Our most recent cooperation is with the Forum Gesundheitsstandort in Baden Württemberg. Since 2018, the Forum Gesundheitsstandort has brought together over 600 experts from various specialist areas with the aim of strengthening and further developing Baden-Württemberg as a leading healthcare location. In order to achieve real change for patients, products must be developed to meet the needs of medical care and to be based on research findings. This is an ideal opportunity to make a difference with Nemlia and actively contribute to this change. We would be happy to expand on how this can be achieved in a personal meeting.

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