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It’s about the benefits, not the technology 

At the heart of our Nemlia technology is the Nemlia app, which not only documents information, but also informs carers about unforeseen incidents via push notifications and can therefore prevent emergencies before they occur. The mobile application accesses data from various sources and sends it in real time to the devices of predefined carers.  

At the touch of a finger, the carer can accept the message and take action or interact quickly and easily with colleagues to ensure a fast response to the situation. 

A holistic solution for your individual needs 

We deliberately speak of a holistic solution because it’s not just about implementing a technology, but optimizing entire work processes.

Together, we identify the individual needs of each resident needing attention. From this, we develop individual scenarios in which we use Nemlia sensibly to provide the most important information and notifications.

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Together on the path to an innovative future 

In principle, any sensor can be integrated into our technology. We offer various motion and door sensors, smart plugs, call buttons, GPS trackers, air quality sensors and many more in different service packages. By combining and integrating them into our Nemlia app, they become intelligent sources of information for the scenarios defined in advance. 

All data is clearly displayed in the Nemlia app, in which it is also easy and intuitive to set where documentation of the information is needed and which activity triggers a push notification. In essence, you only see and hear what you need to. 

„The Nemlia solution is so much more user-friendly and easier than anything I’ve worked with before“ 

Inger, care assistant 

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