The great feeling of not missing anything

A relaxed everyday care routine is in your hands

Imagine that someone is keeping an eye on all the residents scenarios that you’ve identified as worrying whilst you are going about your daily routine. You can work in peace, assured that everything is in perfect order as long as you are not notified.

And imagine you are informed that a person at risk of falling is swinging their legs over the edge of the bed during the night or that a resident with dementia is leaving their corridor and you can coordinate directly with your colleagues – wherever they happen to be – and react immediately.

This is possible with Nemlia

„I realised straight away that I have to walk a lot less on the night shift. And it reassures me enormously to know that certain residents are lying in their beds and that I can react immediately if they get out of it.“

Gitte, caregiver, Denmark

Benefits for carers, a better life for residents

If carers can carry out their work with more focus and calm, this will ultimately benefit residents also. For the residents, we want needs-orientated care, time for human interaction, as much freedom as possible but also a safe environment with rapid assistance when needed.

This is possible with Nemlia

„I am very happy for our Mr M. that he can now move freely within the safety zone defined for him. I immediately noticed how much he enjoys it. That wasn’t possible for him before“

Freja, caregiver

New technologies as an opportunity for the care sector

Smart technology not only saves costs, but also creates relief and security in the background, while prioritizing people’s well-being. Especially in an industry that often suffers from overload, this offers a significant opportunity.

Imagine you have fewer staff absences and fewer hospital admissions. Your employees are happier and the entire facility also benefits as an attractive working environment for future employees.

„I have the feeling that the Nemlia solution makes working here with us more attractive. It’s a pleasure to work in an innovative care home and to be able to make decisions more independently.“

Sabine M., carehome management

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