Support for the dementia unit at Eysturoyar Røktar Carehome

The dementia department at the Eysturoyar røktar – and ellisheim care home has been strengthened. The residences have been equipped with technology that senses the individual needs of the residents. This allows the staff to have ample time to hold the residents‘ hands at night and provide strong personal care.

The Eysturoyar Røktar care home on the Faroe Islands.

There are a total of 70 residents in the three departments of the Faroese care home. Jona Dam is the department manager at Suðurstova, reserved for 22 residents with dementia. If you ask Jona whether it’s possible to create a more peaceful and secure environment for residents, the answer is a clear „yes.“ According to Jona Dam, it requires adapting with a digital helping hand to ensure well-being and daily rhythm among the care home’s residents.

„…we provide more of the care our residents need. It feels like we’ve received the upgrade without having to do anything ourselves.“

„There is a significant risk of something going wrong if we are not aware of the needs of each resident with dementia around the clock,“ she says, thoughtful. „One might think that it would require extra effort to make a care home and a department like ours safer and more dementia-friendly. But our staff has easily adapted the residences and changed routines, so we provide more of the care our residents need. It feels like we’ve received the upgrade without having to do anything ourselves,“ explains the department manager.

From day to night

Not all hours of the day allow for the same type of attention. „During the day, residents have many shared experiences, and we have enough staff to meet their needs. When it becomes night, and residents are in their own homes with doors closed for the night in the dementia department, the situation changes. During the day, we look each other in the eyes, but in the morning and at night, we use Nemlia to ensure the same sense of security and closeness.“

„Instead of addressing a challenge, we can take the resident’s hand. At night, we can sit quietly with the resident.“

Having knowledge of life in the dementia department has allowed the night shift to address both personal and routine matters. „Good information about the resident’s routines and the certainty that we will be notified when there is a specific need means that we can also give some residents more freedom and undisturbed time. Our night shift still goes on rounds at night, but they are adjusted based on the information she receives during the shift,“ says Jona Dam, continuing, „there’s no reason to disturb a resident who has just handled a bathroom visit and gone back to bed.“

A shortcut to less stress and more security

According to Jona Dam, the dementia department has achieved a unique level of security without making any special efforts, and the digital awareness of residents brings many advantages.

„We are more secure and confident in our care because we know that the solution works and provides the right messages at the right times. It’s different from the other solutions we have used and explored. We also feel the effects of the changed workflows,“ says Jona, being very specific, „residents with dementia are calmer due to timely intervention. We are not as stressed ourselves. It provides resilience that spreads and improves life in the care home. Along with Nemlia, we have set the framework for a closeness and security that others can only dream of.“

Increased security among relatives

„We talk to the relatives about the digital solution and its impact on our care,“ says Jona Dam, continuing, „they are so happy and continuously talk about how the unfortunate experiences that residents with dementia had before coming to our care home are no longer a threat. Simply because our solution allows us to anticipate issues. It gives the entire family a sense of security about life here. Health and well-being.“

Security and precision in care

To illustrate how better digital integration impacts health, Jona Dam highlights the most significant example from the dementia department. „It’s easy and quick to tailor the solution to individual needs, and precision is crucial for the residents‘ safety, so the setup varies depending on the specific needs. We only need to know what is necessary to use our time wisely and provide the right care for the residents. That’s why we experience fewer falls.“

The head of the dementia department sees the collaboration with Nemlia as something that can benefit others: „A solution that works for a dementia department like ours can certainly also support and contribute to improving other types of care and departments. That’s why we share our experiences with the other two departments in the care home.“

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