Our new office in Copenhagen

As an international company, remote working is an integral part of our corporate culture. We give our employees maximum flexibility and freedom in organising their work, but personal interaction and genuine socialising is still essential to us at Nemlia. We meet several times a year in the Faroe Islands or in Heidelberg, and now also with a physical office in Copenhagen.

New networking opportunities in the technology and healthcare sector

Since 2021, our employees in Denmark have been working from home or occasionally in a coworking space. Due to the growth of Nemlia and its employees, a permanent office in „Talent Garden“, a coworking space in Copenhagen, was the ideal solution. For Nemlia, this means being part of a community that fosters connection and collaboration, two core pillars of our operating philosophy. Furthermore, having a physical space allows our partners and colleagues to visit and work with us in an environment that is vibrant and welcoming.

The wonderful feeling of real community

The greatest enrichment of the office in Copenhagen is the new working day that our Danish team regularly share during the week. What begins with small talks at the coffee machine quickly develops into clever ideas for the Nemlia portfolio.

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