Nemlia hit the trade fair stages throughout April

Groundbreaking development in eHealth & digitalisation of care.

In April, our Nemlia team presented at several important trade fairs and specialist congresses within the healthcare and care sector. It is so exciting to see the huge developments in the field of eHealth and the digitalisation of care and here we can look back on many exciting impressions and insights.

The Digital Medical Expo & Congress (DMEA) from 8 to 10 April was the prelude to a month full of intriguing events. The discussions at the conferences and trade fairs no longer focused on whether digitalisation is necessary at all, but primarily on how quickly and effectively it can be used in day-to-day care. For us at Nemlia, this was the perfect opportunity to present our holistic solution and technology.

The Nemlia team at the DMEA

From the DMEA Congress to the Future Day „Digitalisation in Care“

The Future Day of digitalisation in the care sector on 18 April in Pirna really got down to business. The themed tables concept offered an interactive discussion format in which Nemlia received many informative answers and approaches during group exchanges with the question „Which processes would you immediately digitalise in your company in order to relieve your nursing staff in the best possible way?“. There was a very warm response and great interest to the newly developed Nemlia product „NSP“, the ‚Nemlia Self-Service Programme‘. With its innovative training approach, care staff are trained in the use and handling of Nemlia technology and a customised application package is put together. This enables carergivers to quickly and independently improve scenarios on site. We reveal how NSP works in practice in our Best Practice.

Robert Liebhold and Lone Aggersbjerg from Nemlia at the Future Day on digitalisation in care sector

Highlight geriatric care trade fair in Essen

We quickly noticed that the attitude towards the use of digitalisation in day-to-day care is so open and ready to be embraced. We felt this in direct questions from visitors and interested parties, such as „Aren’t you the company whose solution means no more falls and nobody gets lost?“. But also in the wonderful and emotional conversations, the reunion with our wonderful partner customers and the great interest in our solution.

During the live presentation by our Sales Expert & Business Developer Robert Liebhold, we noticed an audience nodding along in approval and confirmation when it came to previous scenarios in day-to-day care and ways to improve them. Robert gave practical insights into the use of Nemlia and showed how everyday care and resident satisfaction both improved as a result. His final question, „How does it feel to be able to organise everyday care proactively and intuitively again?“, we hoped would resonate with many members of the audience.

 Our answer: calm and relaxed. With Nemlia. We give our all every day and would like to take this opportunity to thank
our Nemlia team and all our partners who have worked tirelessly to realise our vision of better care.

The success on the trade fair stages in April again shows that Nemlia is on the right track to help shape the future of eHealth and care, with caregivers voices at the centre of everything we do

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