Video communication solution praised by regional care manager

As the COVID-19 pandemic keeps it's firm grip on the nation, our care homes are starting to feel the pains of restrictions, intended for their own good. The Faroese public broadcasting company (FO: KVF) was joined by experts on their debate show 'Breddin' to discuss this subject.

The broadcast included an interview with Jóngerð M. Nielsen, regional care manager in Vágar. On the show, she talks about their approach to sustain the elders' social needs during the lockdown, using the TechCare video app. Expressing the positive impact of videochat between the elders and their loved ones, she explains the reasoning behind choosing TechCare's solution, over other popular apps - citing user friendliness, and data security.

Listen to Jóngerð's interview

KVF's Full show

(Image: Vága Kommuna, 2019)