Prate to all - Everyone can join

Physiotherapists in the care sector, regularly gather citizens for group training sessions. Group sessions give better training results. For staff, time previously spent commuting to citizens, is now spent training. In group training sessions, people socialize, and are more motivated to excercise. Then came the corona pandemic.

The corona pandemic halted all group excercise sessions, and physical rehabilitation activities in general. This was done to carry out government guidelines and efforts, to contain the spread of the corona virus. Now, many are without the regular physiotherapeutic training they need. This can result in negative health effects on a lot of people.

Today, the recommendations from authorities are more lenient. However, physiotherapists find it challenging to resume, and provide regular excercise activities. There is a underlying threat of spreading the virus, when gathering groups of people, and gathering people with existing health problems further increases this risk. Throughout this pandemic, we have learnt one thing. It is the people living at home, and are most reliant on regular contact with the healthcare system, who fall in-between the cracks. Public health services need to provide their services with more flexibility, and consistency.

TechCare Prate, enables providers more flexibility and consistency. We enable people to get professional rehabiliative services whether people are home, on vacation or living in a care facility. The solution allows care and physical rehabiliation services to reach out to people, in spite of changing circumstances, and ensure that people are getting the treatment and training they need, to regain their strength. Our solution enables care and service providers to reach out to several people at a time. People can use their own computer, tablet/ipad or smartphone. We provide a safe, and user friendly product, designed for seniors and dependent people.

Prate for all - Everyone can join