Pearl - Health professionals get urgent help when needed

Healthcare professionals often find themselves in critical situations. These situations often requires urgent assistance from their colleagues.

We are enabling professionals to do just that. We are working with care facilities, enabling staff to call for assistance by the touch of a button. We do this by providing each staff member with our smart brooch, and when it's pressed, an alarm is sent to their colleagues' brooch. Colleagues can then to respond, communicate, and quckly come to their assistance. Our goal is to ensures staff safety, and the health of the patients.

The solution can be applied to different cases. Such as, when an habitant or patient has fallen, had a seizure or attacked the worker. We have also found it to be especially heplful, for Professionals working night shifts. People on night shifts, tell us that they feel more vulnerable, due to the lower staff numbers.

For staff, the situation may be safety critical. For patients/inhabitants, their health may be on the line, and they need that professional intervention as soon as possible. In these health- and safety critical situations, we are providing a solution, where otherwise calling out for help may not be effective or possible for staff.

We are proud to be part of the pilot project, with public care facilities. Our aim is to enable health professionals to connect in health- and safety critical situations. Working together with staff and management, we are testing and refining our Pearls to provide this value. At TechCare, we are dedicated to building the right solutions for the right problems.

We will keep you updated on this exciting project. Share this story with someone you know, working in the care services.