The smart solution for a focused, safe care routine 

Our innovative technology revolutionizes the care routine by integrating relevant information from sensors into an intuitive app, enabling shorter routes and faster responses.

More time for care and human touch 

In the care sector, we are confronted with countless challenges every day. Time and safety are becoming increasingly important factors. To ensure that the care routine is relaxed and structured, we have created a holistic solution for a better overview and focus with our care technology. This not only prevents emergencies, but also saves walking distances and time, freeing up the possibility for personalized real care. 

This not only prevents emergencies, but also saves walking distances and time, freeing up the possibility for personalized real care.

A relaxed care routine that benefits everyone 

A relaxed care routine that benefits everyone 

  • Calm processes 
  • Optimized routes  
  • Fall and risk prevention 
  • More time for social interaction 
  • Rapid response in emergencies 
  • Direct communication on notifications between colleagues via the Nemlia app 
  • Easily adopted without changing workflow 


  • Improved security 
  • More freedom 
  • Needs-orientated care 
  • Protected privacy 
  • Faster help 


  • Greater employee loyalty and satisfaction 
  • Fewer staff changes 
  • Quick and easy installation 
  • A flexibly scalable solution 
  • Personalized customer support 

Up to 75% fewer rounds

1 hour time saving per night shift based on 10 residents

Up to 95% fewer critical falls

Up to 40% more time for
needs-orientated care

Start simply, benefit in the long term 

We need nothing more than a power socket to implement Nemlia. Our technology runs independently of WLAN or a network connection and adapts to your individual needs with our customized packages.  Together with you, we determine the scenarios that need to be mapped and customize the notifications to your respective needs and requirements. 

Our co-operation 

As many of our employees have nursing experience themselves 

we can quickly familiarize ourselves with the situation and determine the scenarios. 

Every care home is different, and we always customise our technology to the specific requirements. We work in a demand-orientated manner and develop individual solutions together with you. 

01 Workshop

We start the collaboration with a detailed workshop in which we compare the scenarios and wishes of the care team with the needs and requirements of individual residents. 

02 Realisation 

We then install the required hardware in the building and the residents‘ rooms, set up the mobile devices and train your staff. All we need for the installation is a power socket. 


The Nemlia Customer Success Team will accompany you through the first shifts and will continue to provide you with help and advice at all times.

You too can trust in the future of care 

„We previously had a classical, static solution that was far too cumbersome. The sensors were too expensive and impractical for the needs of nursing homes, so they did not deliver the desired value. We cannot operate nursing homes and provide care without technology, but it must be easy for the staff to manage.

Nemlia’s solution has solved the technical problems that the staff previously struggled with, and the Nemlia app is very intuitive and much easier to use.“

Tina Petersen, Care Home Manager, Adelaide, Denmark

„Thanks to Nemlia, we can easily locate residents who wander around at night. We can reach them quickly and calm our residents down, guiding them back to bed with precision. As a result, we have quieter nights and a much more efficient workflow for our entire team.“

Katja Reinhardt, Head of Care Services, Pflegezentrum Mainterrasse

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